• Promaxx Translation Agency - Quality translations

    We undertake translation assignments from and into the languages of all Hungary’s neighbouring countries, the European Union Member States’ languages, and also Arabic and Far Eastern languages.

  • Translation agency at Margaret Bridge - For more than 10 years

    Our translation agency is located in the centre of Budapest, only 3 minutes walk from Jászai Mari Square and 6 minutes from Nyugati Square (Western Railway Station), at Raoul Wallenberg u. 14.

  • Certified translations

    Our translation agency undertakes the completion of certified translations of company documents from foreign languages into Hungarian, as well as the preparation of certified foreign language translations of documents required abroad.

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Discounts and Special Offers

  • Welcome discountWe give 10% off to every new Client upon their first order.
  • Quantity discount: We give 5% to 10% off if the length of the document to be translated is above 70,000 characters.
  • Client discountWe give 5% to 10% off depending on the monetary value of the orders.
  • Special Client discount: 10% off our list prices to our and contractual Partners.

What Our Clients say


Promaxx Translation Agency takes our individual translation needs into account to the maximum extent as possible when fulfilling our orders. Our translation orders are always completed accurately and precisely, and our individual or urgent translation requirements are also met to the highest possible standard. Our translations are completed to an outstanding professional standard. We are very satisfied with the translation service provided by the agency and we wish to continue working with the agency in the future.

Dr Z. T. Legal counsel

I received the urgent translation from the translation agency within 2 days for the price quoted. Thank you for your reliability, helpfulness and punctuality. I have chosen the best possible translation agency.

A. Á. Managing Director

Thank you very much for the fast and perfect Portuguese translation.

I also speak the language, so luckily, I didn’t have to translate my Brazilian Portuguese exam certificate! If by some stroke of luck my application abroad will be accepted, it will be because of your help.

Thank you very much. If I get the chance, I will recommend your translation agency to my friends. I have received so many rejections for my translation requests, as most of the agencies work only into English, French and German, so your kind and quick letter was a pleasant disappointment from the beginning. Thank you again and I wish you lots of positive feedback!